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1 week ago

Ludicrous Ink

This is way over due, it’s time to make this post. We want ALL of ludicrous inks clients and everyone else to know that ***JAMIE BARNHART***is not, has not, and never will be an artist at ludicrous ink. We discourage getting work done from her as she is not licensed or in a clean environment doing her procedures. We have seen some of her work and have been accused of having her work here at the shop, THAT IS NOT THE CASE. We have NO affiliation with this woman. If anyone personally knows her PLEASE tag her in this and let her know to STOP saying she works here. That’s absolutely ridiculous. ... See MoreSee Less


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John Steward Dawn Johnson

Jamie Barnhart

Taking one for the team^

Everyone that knows me knows I do not work for you. Just because someone miss understood what I was saying is not my fault. No I do not work for you. Thank you.

Are you licensed?

Yes^ answer this. Are you even licensed?🤔

Annikki Ford

Post your portfolio please. For science.


We are waiting.

I've never had ANYTHING except positive results from Ludicrous Ink. Derrick keeps a clean, safe environment.

She’s not licensed, she tattoos with one glove shakes due to pills I’ve been told both tattoo shops and clients have asked me if she works at my shop health licensing office is next step

No gloves on!!!!?!????

One glove

She also puts the used ink back in the bottle to reuse on the nixt time and next person she does.

It is nobody's fault but your own if you allow someone to do your tattoo. That is not at a shop come on ppl shady shit happens in this world do dillagence is KEY

I might be wrong here but isnt tattooing with out a licence pretty serious. Thats actually quit dangerous and should be jail time.

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3 months ago

Ludicrous Ink

See you there!

2nd Annual Pacific Northwest Tattoo ExpoNov 10, 2:00pmSpirit Mountain CasinoLast year’s Pacific Northwest Tattoo Expo here at Spirit Mountain Casino was such a success, we’re bringing it back!

Through November 10-12, 2017’s Pacific Northwest Tattoo Expo hits our conference area for three days of activities, galleries, and (most importantly) tattoos.

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2nd Annual Pacific Northwest Tattoo Expo

4 months ago

Ludicrous Ink

Just a reminder:
LUDICROUS INK will be CLOSED this weekend because we’re attending the All Hallows Tattoo Expo in Coeur d’ Alene Idaho. SooOOOooo if you want a tattoo we all 3 have time today & tomorrow!!

Contact the shop via FB or call/text (503)678-3373.

Thanks! ✌🏽
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4 months ago

Ludicrous Ink

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